Client Consultation

The first step is the consultation process. Our tattoo artists will ask you questions about your tattoo design and placement of the tattoo. It is better if you already have an idea or sketch of your chosen tattoo design.
We would also ask to confirm if you’re at least 18 years old or above, which is part of our policy. We will also ask if you’re taking antibiotics, and if you do, we will ask you to wait two (2) weeks after completing your prescription before having the tattoo session. We found that antibiotic can affect the color payoff, so it is best to wait two weeks after completing your medication.

Design details

Our tattoo artists then discuss the design in details, such as the exact size and placement of the tattoo on your skin.
Your tattoo artist will then provide you the cost estimates and schedule of appointment. We require a deposit to be paid before the schedule of your tattoo session.


After paying the deposit, our artists will design your tattoo using a design software, print design, and put it on stencil.

Tattoo session

The length of your tattoo session entirely depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo design. Small tattoos can be done on the spot, while sleeve tattoos require several sessions.
Before the session, your tattoo artist will sanitize his hands, and prepare all the necessary tattoo equipment and ink.  We use new needles for each customer, and sterilize all our tattoo equipment so the entire process of tattooing and piercing is safety and satisfaction guaranteed.

We use the highest and finest quality ink — World Famous Tattoo Ink. The part that will be tattooed will be cleaned, disinfected and shaved.
Your tattooist will then place the stencil on the body part to be tattooed. Once you approve of the location, he will stencil the tattoo design on your skin. Once the stencil is dry, your artist will start tattooing starting with the outline. After the outline, the tattooed area will be cleaned, and you can take a break at this time. Once the outline is dry, the next step is the colour or shading portion of the tattoo.
Next, the aftercare ointment is applied, ensuring the tattoo’s color retention and longevity.


The aftercare of the tattoo is important, as this will ensure the vibrancy, quality and longevity of the tattoo. We use Balm Tattoo products which is a great aftercare balm on the tattoos of our clients.
We advise our clients to wait at least 3-4 weeks before swimming in the pool or beach. Clients would also be advised to avoid eating food that can trigger irritation or allergy, such as crabs, shrimps, clams, shells, eggplant, and mung beans.