Ann Savage

It was not a long time ago that tattoos held a negative stigma, and people with tattoos were stigmatized by society. Back then, tattoos were worn by outcasts,bBut in fact, tattooing dates back as civilisation itself and were part of mankind’s rich history and heritage. Today, tattoos have evolved to become part of mainstream culture, and recognized as an art and an avenue for self-expression. 

Breaking the mold of the traditional tattoo artists is Ann Savage. It’s good to remember that decades ago female tattoo artists were unheard of and the few that do tattoo were mocked and frowned at. Today, the tables are turned and female tattoo artists are gaining the recognition and credibility they deserve. One that has been making a name for herself is the award-winning Cebuana tattoo artist Ann Savage.

Known for her work on photo-realistic tattoos and hyper-realistic tattoos, Ann Savage’s tattoo style is an entire league of its own. Her eye for color and precise strokes breathe life to the tattoo creation almost as if it was real. 

She has also mastered a wide range of tattoo styles — Irezumi/Traditional Japanese, Fine Line, Color, Neo Traditional, Portraits, Black and Grey, and Watercolor.

How She Started

Ann Savage was always drawn to the arts— she loved to sketch and draw since she was a child.  But as a shy kid, Ann kept to herself, and it was later on in life that she showed her talent. At an early age, she was fascinated by the England Rose tattoo on her mom. She wanted to pursue a Fine Arts degree, but was told “no”. That didn’t hinder Ann though — she kept sketching. She started tattooing in 2013 and on and off after that. One of the defining moments of her life was when she tattooed her close friend and tattoo artist Jason who told her, “The very moment that needle penetrates my skin, you have to promise me one thing, you will not quit tattooing”.From then on, Ann Savage found her life-long purpose which became her driving force to become the best tattoo artist, and she hasn’t looked back since. It all came together when she met her husband Joe Black, who is also a tattoo artist, and who encouraged her to become a tattoo artist. 

Together with Joe Black, Ann Savage pursued tattooing as a profession. And a year and a half later in 2012, they opened their own tattoo shop. Ann Savage became one of the icons of the tattoo scene in Cebu and beyond, breaking through the stereotypes and gaining recognition as an artist. They recently organised the first Savage Ink International Tattoo Convention on October 21-22, 2019, which gathered local and international tattoo artists and exhibitors from around the world.

Today, Ann Savage together with her artists continue to make a mark in the tattoo industry not just in the Philippines, but around the world.