How I started +

“It all started when my friend Jason (who sadly passed away) pushed and encouraged me to become one…He was a dear friend, I used to call him “Brad” which means brother in dialect term. He found me sketching and he never expected that I could draw coz I usually don’t tell anyone about it. He was my first human canvass and my mentor, though he was just an apprentice that time but he never gave up on trying to help me. He was the only person that time, who believed in me.
Until now, never had that confidence really. Never had a chance to study in Art Schools or have basic knowledge about it. Though I did asked my mom before going to college if I could take up Fine Arts but she disagrees. I used to ask my Dad on my birthdays to buy me those painting stuff with big canvass to paint on coz I wanted to draw and paint the landscape view from our house. But didn’t have the chance, but now I could not believe that I am slowly making my dreams into reality and unexpectedly became a tattoo artist which I am very happy of.Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Career Shift +

“I’ve always been independent. I see myself as a helpless person with no one to run to but myself. I was working and studying, did part time jobs too, to help finance my studies rather than giving problems to my parents.and when I started to love doing tattoos, I invested a shop of my own and the want of seeing happy faces w/ the works that I’ve made for my clients makes me the happiest person already=). I don’t wanna be famous. I just wanna see those smiling faces on my friends and clients. That’s good enough for me.”