Who We Are


Ann Savage

“People thought I’m just using “Savage” for the sake of being an artist…but fortunately, I am blessed having this wonderful family name. Thanks to my mom..=D My real name is Analou Savage. I’m a full time tattooist, managing our own business. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful kids and a faithful wife-to-be of Joel Lim, he’s my co-artist as well.


Short Background

I realized and suddenly said to myself… “Why not be an artist of my own shop rather than getting other artists to work for me”. My mother had a Beauty Salon since 1997-2010, and she felt like being robbed and stabbed behind the back by other artists who worked for her, well, not to generalize them all, few of them were also good. So, it all ends up to nothing, they get to save for themselves while my mother had to face rents and bills.

I had been observing the situation and since I’ve always been in love with tattoos, it was during my elementary days when my mother had her first England rose tattoo with my dad’s name. I did my first 3 tattoo works back in October 2010 then I just stopped because of my work and was studying back then… and decided to make it as my favorite past-time since April 2011.”







Ann Savage

Tattoo Artist/Owner

Joe Lim

Tattoo Artist/Co-Owner

Don Eldie 'Coco' Tapayan

Tattoo Artist

Anthony Gargoles

Tattoo Artist






Yan Yan



Our Process

  • Idea

    Give us your precious design and ideas.

  • Plan

    We plan it together. We give out suggestion if necessary that would best suites your preference.

  • Design

    Let's implement and be ready to get inked.

  • Finished Product

    Our satisfaction is your satisfaction.


At Ann Savage Tattoo we value the safety of our clients and is utmost importance. We ensure that all tattoo and piercing equipment and materials used are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each session.

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