Welcome to Ann Savage

Welcome to the official website of Ann Savage Tattoo

Ann Savage Tattoo Shop is a tattoo shop owned and operated by the female tattoo artist Ann Savage, and her husband Joe Black. Passion for the art of tattooing has propelled Ann Savage to perfect her craft and carve a name for herself in the heavily male-dominated tattoo industry.

Known for her realistic tattoos, Ann Savage has won numerous local and international awards in the Philippines and abroad. Her distinct signature style has captured the attention and recognition of tattoo artists around the world. She has overcome challenges as a female tattoo artist, becoming a trailblazer and a force to be reckoned with. Her tattoos is a work of art perfected by sheer talent, passion, and heart for the craft. 

Her tattoo studio is also not the typical studio — it is homely, comforting, and welcoming. The shop currently houses eight tattoo artists and one piercer. All of the artists are trained by Ann Savage and her husband tattoo artist Joe Black. Know more about the artists and their signature style by clicking the button below: